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Green, we are



Our Neenah Grocer Kraft envelopes may cost a little more, but they are produced using 100% sustainable practices with premium post consumer fiber papers.  The list of responsible environmental practices is almost endless: Green Sealtm Certified, FSC Certified, Made with 100% Green Electricity, Carbon Neutral Plus, the list goes on and on.  Plus, they look and feel really cool!

For even more detail about Neenah’s commitment to the environment please see:

Card Stock/Ink 

Our card stock is a green certified/recycled content paper and all excess toner ink is recycled to keep it out of landfills.

Our Printing Partners

Our Cards – Proud to be made locally

Just like us, our printing company – Harvest Press - is a family-owned local Tallahassee company.  All cards are printed on-site here in Tallahassee.  We could have saved a few dollars by sending everything overseas for printing, but then we wouldn’t know how our cards are being made and we wouldn’t be supporting the local economy.  By working closely with a local company, we can ensure the highest quality in our product, sustainable business practices and a living wage for everyone involved.

Please read more about Harvest Press at their website: